About Brandy

My Bio
I enjoy spending my spare time being around children, working on/ fixing electronics, and also encouraging young women. I've always had a passion for helping people and giving advice. I lost my mom at the age of 14. It was very hard for me to adjust and I would act out and not want to listen. Once I got older, I would listen more in church and listen to what my family was telling me and eventually I realized that the voice that was whispering in my ear wasn't me going crazy, it was God telling me what I needed to do. That's when I started to write out bible verses and speaking life to my family members, friends, and even people I didn't know. I've recently decided to take my own advice and let God lead me. I decided to stop trying to do things on my own so that he could bless me and order my footsteps. My life hasn't been perfect but I Thank God that he is allowing me to do what I love.