The Heiress Movement

About The Heiress Movement
The Heiress Movement...It's something that God placed on my heart many years ago to start...young girls and women are often easy targets for Satan through their self confidence or lack there of...i would know i was one who truly struggled with self confidence/self worth and still catch myself struggling with it every now and then. It took truly TRULY discovering the love of God and His love and sacrifice shown through the life,death,and resurrection of Jesus Christ to understand that I AM LOVED...I AM SOMEONE...I'M MORE THAN MY BODY...I'M MORE THAN WHAT MEN THINK OF ME...I'M MORE THAN WHAT I THINK OF ME! I see so many young women looking for love in all the wrong places and i thought that i would start The Heiress Movement as more than just an organization but a SISTERHOOD...where you don't have to be ashamed of your struggles or who you think you are because God loves you in spite of you and so do I.